Program Topic & Speaker
January 9, 2019

What is Happening in the GardenStephen Scanniello  
​We are honored to have Stephen Scanniello, the curator of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the NY Botanical Garden and president of the Heritage Rose Foundation. He will share his Rose Gardening Chronicles and the work he is doing preserving, restoring, and recreating his many gardens and projects – Harlem Heritage Rose Gardens, Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, and the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, which is the oldest rose garden in the country.

February 13,  2019

Paradise in Shropshire: David Austin’s Gardens and Roses  - Barbara Wilson
     Mr. Austin passed away in December 2018, at the age of 92.  Rose lovers everywhere are grieving his loss.   The Austin gardens in Shropshire, England are truly beautiful and inspiring.  Come to learn more about the ideals that guided this man to create over 200 varieties of rose, the bloodlines he has used, & recent introductions.​

March 13, 2019

Rose Trivia II - Jolene Adams
Well…some felt the last year’s Rose Trivia was too easy. That was last year. Jolene has ramped up her questions and photos. She is an ARS Judge and past President of the American Rose Society so study up for this is going to be a fun ride and learning experience.  I know of one board member who is studying. A gift for the winner. Q: What rose has the most thorns or prickles?

Let’s become brainy - actz!

** Location Change **

​Dublin Senior Center - Classroom A

7600 Amador Valley Blvd in Dublin

April 10, 2019

Memories of a Rose Show Veteran - Bob Martin

A hilarious PowerPoint presentation that was given at the 2017 NCNH District Conference. Bob tells his goofs, foibles and winners thru his exhibitor history.  He started in 1989 with a mentor and he goes on from there. Tips - a lot of tips are given. You will never be hesitant showing roses again because he makes you feel right at home to show roses and tells you why he loves exhibiting. Bob Martin is President of the American Rose Society and lives in Escondido, CA.

May 8, 2019

World War I Roses - Darrell Schramm

Ever wonder what roses were developed during this time period? World War I was from 1914 thru 1918. Darrell’s presentation will fill in the gaps you may have concerning the roses from this period. Verdun is one rose (1918) that was developed but there are more. His talk and photo presentation will focus on the two dozen or so roses that have survived from this period. Comments will concern the roses themselves and their connection to the events or persons of that time. Darrell is a member of the East Bay Rose Society and is on the board of the Heritage Rose Group

June 12, 2019

Mini Roses – Why I love them! - Jan Burnham

Miniature roses are smaller versions of larger roses, with the colors, forms, substance and fragrance. They are extremely hardy and very easy to grow.Miniatures tend to be profuse and quick repeat bloomers  The flowers provide bright and constant spots of color throughout the growing season. Jan Burnham loves mini…you will learn why with her PowerPoint. Jan is past president of the Butte Rose Society.

September 11, 2019

Soils and Water -    Gwen Quail 

Gwen Quail gave this presentation at the NCNH District Business meeting in 2018 and it was excellen. It is a “show and tell” presentation with bottles of soil and water showing the soils diffusion. What are the main components of soil, how is soil formed, the physical properties of soil, how water moves in soil…these are just some of the areas Gwen will be covering. She will also be addressing health hazards when working in soil. Gwen is with the Butte Rose Society and was President of that society. She is a Consulting Rosarian. Her educational background   includes a B.Sc.Agr. from Sydney University.  CR credit for this presentation.

October 9, 2019

Birds in our Garden! - Elaine Friedman with Corvid Connection

Would you like to meet the world’s smartest birds? Get up close and personal with live owls, ravens and other live wild injured birds. Join wildlife rehabilitator and her wild featherd friends October 9th. She will outline the birds are in our area, how we identify them, what foods to put out and what to do if you find an injured bird. Corvid Connection cares for injured corvids, some of whom will be visiting us!

November 13, 2019

Rose Rosette – Joe Truskot

Rose rosette disease, also known as witches’-broom, is caused by a virus  (Emaravirus sp.) that is spread by a very small, eriophyid mite. The disease is limited to plants in the genus Rosa but R. setigera, R. aricularis, R. arkansana, R. blanda, R. palustris, R. carolina and R. spinosissima are believed to be resistant. Its main host is the multiflora rose. Interest in rose rosette has been generated by the threat to garden roses and its possible use as a biocontrol for multiflora rose. Joe will be presenting this complex disease with a PowerPoint and has stated he will let the photos speak along with the new research instead of strict academics. Joe will have copies of his book Central Coast Rose Manual.

​​Meetings start at 7:30 pm 

Dublin Library - 200 Civic Plaza, Dublin

​​2019 Mount Diablo Rose Society Programs